Glimpse lanseaza in luna mai albumul Runner

Runner by Glimpse - cover album

 Noul material de studio propune 10 piese realizate in genuri diferite, de la deep house, in piese ca "Things to Do in Denver" si "I Know I Show It," pana la techno "Walk Tall" si "If I Was Your Girl", dar si jazz, pop, dub.



Runner tracklisting:

 1. Walk Tall
 2. If I Was Your Girl
 3. Things to Do in Denver
 4. Alone Again
 5. New Beginnings
 6. Feel OK
 7. I Know I Show It
 8. Enjoyable Employable
 9. Thankyou
10. Train in Austria


video: Glimpse & Alex Jones – Felaz

Crosstown Rebels va lansa albumul "Runner" semnat Glimpse, pe data de 24 mai 2010.


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