Festivalul 3 Smoked Olives se relochează în Inima României

Imagine din campania de promovare a Festivalului 3 Smoked Olives
Imagine din campania de promovare a Festivalului 3 Smoked Olives

Festivalul 3 Smoked Olives se mută în apropiere de Brașov și extinde perioada de desfășurare la 1 – 6 august. Această schimbare vine pentru a respecta reglementările de mediu ale locației anterioare și pentru a oferi participanților un mediu mai sigur și mai confortabil, cu facilități îmbunătățite și accesibilitate crescută.

Noua locație, situată în munți, oferă un cadru natural impresionant și activități nautice pe lac. Festivalul rămâne dedicat unirii oamenilor prin muzică, dans și bunăstare, și va include cursuri de wellness și arte marțiale pentru a îmbogăți experiența participanților. Biletele sunt disponibile la prețul de 145 €, cu camping gratuit inclus.

Redăm mai jos comunicatul organizatorilor:

3 Smoked Olives Festival Relocates to the Heart of Romania and Extends Dates

Dear Festival Fans and Participants, 

We are thrilled to announce that the 3 Smoked Olives Festival is moving to an exciting new location for this year’s event. The festival will now take place near Brașov, offering a wealth of new opportunities and enhancements for all attendees. Additionally, we are extending the festival dates from 1-5 August to 1 – 6 August. 

Why the Move? 

This move aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship, as our former island location is a protected wildlife area and the authorities consider after 10 years of developing tourism and sustainability that the festival doesn’t fit their regulations and we’re trying to respect that even though it is hard to bear for all of us. The Danube level changes every year and it is also a struggle when it’s high or low. And time has proved that we weren’t available to deliver a perfect event due to the logistic challenges 

3 Smoked Olives is all about heart and passion, because we always follow our intuition and signs and because we have found the perfect venue for us, we have decided to begin a new chapter of our journey. 

Our mission is to unite people through music, dance & wellness. Even if the festival scene is becoming harder, we don’t want to give up or quit. We just want to follow our dreams and keep growing our amazing international community. We are thrilled to say that people from more than 30 countries joined us in 2023 and this is why we aim to be the festival with the most nationalities attending. 


Our beloved island venue has provided us with many cherished memories, but our new location presents several significant advantages. The serene beauty of the majestic mountains and cooler temperatures will offer a more immersive natural setting. Enhanced facilities, including hot water and upgraded shower amenities, will ensure greater comfort for all festival-goers. 

Centrally located in Brasov, Romania, the new site is more accessible, making it easier for people to attend and eliminating the need for boat rides, with proximity to major cities for convenient transportation. 

Additionally, the new venue offers safe and scenic water activities, ensuring a fun and secure environment. The area’s cooler nights, shaded spaces, and dense tree cover provide both comfort and privacy, while the reduced risk of overheating and improved access to emergency services enhance overall safety.

The team 

Constantin, the founder of 3 Smoked Olives, started the electronic music movement back in 2011, with a passion for bringing people together and growing tourism and sustainability in the Calarasi Area. From this year’s edition, he was joined by Daniel Draghici, founder of wise factor and with an experience of 20 years in the entertainment industry organizing The Fresh, Cabal, Color, he is now bound to unite the love for music with humanity’s wellbeing through Kaya Holistic. 

United by diversity, people & well-being, Kaya Holistic is bringing to the festival a team of wellness specialists who will have everyday classes like yoga, qi gong, pilates, body movement, massage pilates and many more activities meant for elevating the participants body mind & spirit. Atos JiuJitsu team of trainers is coming as well so be prepared to immerse yourself into a wide range of martial arts. 

What to Expect 

We are confident that this new location will elevate your festival experience. This change allows us to provide a safer, more comfortable, and equally magical environment for everyone.We can’t wait to welcome you to this beautiful new setting and celebrate together. 

Imagine dancing under the stars, surrounded by nature, and creating unforgettable memories with friends. The extended festival dates from 1st to August 6th allows for more time to enjoy the festivities. Take advantage of ticket prices at €145 during the 4th release phase, which will freeze instead of rising to €200 after July 10. 

Enjoy free camping included in your ticket price, with the option of glamping for added comfort. The new location provides the space for sup & wakeboarding thrilling activities. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we embark on this exciting new chapter. 

Warm regards, 

The 3 Smoked Olives Festival Team 


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