The Om Remixes – Kaskade






01. Hypnotized [Kaskade Extended Mix]                                            Kaskade
02. Rainfall [Kaskade Remix] – (remix)
03. To Do [Kaskade Carry On Mix]
04. Natural [Kaskade Roots Remix] – (remix)
05. Love and Music [Kaskade Remix] – (remix)
06. If I Fall [Kaskade Soulshower Mix]
07. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On [Kaskade Extended Mix]
08. Cali Spaces [Kaskade Remix] – (remix)
09. What Would She Do For Love [Kaskade Big Room Mix]
10. If I Could [Kaskade More Pop Mix]
11. Builder [Kaskade Let’s Make Out Mix]
12. Steppin’ Out [Kaskade Chill Out Mix]


Anul acesta, Kaskade a lansat doua productii care au intrat in top 10 dance charts:


                                                                  video:Kaskade – 4 AM


                                                   video: Deadmau5 & Kaskade – Move For Me


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