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Rogue Audio lanseaza la Global Underground

Rogue Audio-Haphazard   Rogue Audio, proiectul solo al lui Cass de la Deadset, revine pe piata cu un album intitulat "Haphazard" pentru Global Underground.  Materialul de studio contine 17 piese semnate Cass si un personaj din zona electro break, Vandal aka Sam Evans.   


Cass   "Haphazard" prezinata elemente de ambient electronic si techno pana la vocal breakbeat, dar si o serie de colaborari cu Aidan Lavelle, Salmonella Dub’s MC Rizla , cu tri-oul autralian Infusion, cu care au facut un cover al piesei ”Take Me Home”[Phil Collins].

    Pe 6 din cele 17 productii ale albumului, Cass apare in postura de vocalist.                                                           Rogue Audio




01 Time Spent Dreaming Is Never Wasted
02 Help Me To Help You
03 The Only Winning Move
04 Amazing Place
05 Can I Get A Reboot?
06 Future Sound Of Pornography
07 Owl
08 Warrior
09 Let’s Hug It Out
10 Get Down
11 Security For All
12 Beatbox Battery & Me
13 Some One
14 Game Face
15 Custom Made
16 Take Me Home
17 The Final Word

   Albumul ” Haphazard” semnat Rogue Audio va fi lansat la Global Underground pe 7 aprilie 2008.

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