Lopazz va lansa albumul Ambient Film Themes Vol. 2

Ambient Film 2 by Lopazz

 Primul volum din acesta compilatie, a fost lansat la inceputul acestui an, iar "Ambient Film Themes Vol. 2" este un album la care a lucrat cu Steffen "Casio Casino" Neuert.

 1. Victoria Terminus
 2. Cold Pilgrimage
 3. King Khan
 4. Fast Cooking Food Hunting
 5. River Taxi
 6. Island Of Luck
 7. Desertification
 8. Marco Polo & Spaghetti
 9. Graves & Hills
10. My Life In Steps
11. Along The Silkroad
12. Yellow & Fair
13. Good Bye Civilization

Get Physical va lansa Ambient Film Themes Vol. 2, pe data de 27 noiembrie 2009. 


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