Anja Schneider lanseaza albumul de debut

Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider   Ambele petreceri au la pupitru artileria grea al Mobille – Anja Scheinder, upstar-ul deep house Sebo K, duo-ul minimalist Pan – Pot si "creierul" Mobilee – Ralf Kollman.                                Sebo K  




Mar 29 Listed loves Mobilee Townhouse Hotel, Miami
Mar 29 Mobilee loves Sobeats, JakmelArtGallery, Miami

Pan - Pot







   Revenind la albumul de debut Anja Schneider – "Beyond The Valley", acesta va fi lansat in luna mai 2008, la Mobilee Records. label-ul a fost gandit ca o platforma pentru deep house si productii minimal techno.

Tracklist:                                                                                                           Beyond The Valley

1. Safari
2. Mole
3. Maki
4. Beyond The Valley
5. Gimlet
6. Cascabel
7. Belize
8. Get Away
9. Little Red Riding Hood
10. Fish At Night


                                                 video:Anja Schneider & Pan – Pot – "Charly"


                                              video:Anja Schneider & Sebo K-"Rancho Relaxo"


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