UNKLE lanseaza End Titles

UNKLE   Cele 22 de piese cu care vine "End Titles …Stories For Film" reprezinta colaborari Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Black Mountain, James Petralli (White Denim), Joel Cadbury (South) si James Griffith ( cu care a lucrat in turneul UNKLE).

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01 End Titles
02 Cut Me Loose
03 Ghosts
04 Ghosts (Strings Reprise)
05 Kaned and Able
06 Blade in the Back
07 Synthetic Water
08 Chemical
09 Nocturnal
10 Cut Me Loose (Strings Reprise)
11 Against the Grain
12 Even Balance (Part Two)
13 Trouble in Paradise (Variation on a Theme)
14 Can’t Hurt
15 24 Frames
16 In a Broken Dream
17 Clouds
18 Black Mass
19 Open Up Your Eyes
20 Romeo Void
21 Heaven
22 The Piano Echoes

   "End Titles …Stories For Film" va fi lansat la Surrender All pe data de 7 iulie.



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