Systematic aniverseaza 5 ani de activitate cu 5YSYST


Acum Romboy a pregatit si o varianta disc si una pe vinyl. Cele doua discuri sunt reprezentative pentru Systematic, de la artisti precum Mike Monday, Stephan Bodzin, Technasia, Steve Rachmad. Cel de – al doilea disc contine 14 piese si este mixat de Oxia, tocmai pentru ca e o editie aniversara.




Disc 1
 1. Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff – Trying Out
 2. Ante Perry & Olivier Grégoire – I Need
 3. Audio Soul Project – Traditionalist
 4. Mike Monday – TR Love
 5. Stephan Bodzin – Mustang
 6. Technasia – Hold Me
 7. Steve Rachmad – Systematic Denial
 8. Eyerer & Namito – Blind Date
 9. Detroit Grand Pubahs vs. Frankie Bones – The Truth
10. Marc Romboy – Kyoto

Disc 2 (Mixed by Oxia)
 1. Jin Choi & Daso – Teer
 2. Gorge & Nick Curly – Hafenstrasse
 3. Markus Fix – Sky Chiefs
 4. Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff – Trying Out
 5. Will Saul & Tam Cooper – Through the Smoke
 6. Dachshund – Vapor
 7. F.E.X. – Hedonism
 8. Dimitri Andreas – Pharaoh
 9. Rodriguez Jr. – The Dark
10. Robert Babicz – Jacko
11. Jerome Sydenham – Systematic Dub
12. Marc Romboy – Kyoto
13. Stephan Bodzin – Mustang
14. Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic – Other Side of the Game

Vinyl 1
A1: Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic "Other Side of the Game"
A2: Ante Perry & Olivier Grégoire "I Need"
B1: Gorge & Nick Curly "Hafenstrasse"
B2: Audio Soul Project "Traditionalist"

Vinyl 2
A1: Mike Monday "TR Love"
A2: Markus Fix "Sky Chiefs"
B1: Will Saul & Tam Cooper "Through the Smoke"
B2: Jin Choi & Daso "Teer"

Vinyl 3
A1: Jerome Sydenham "Systematic Dub"
A2: Dimitri Andreas "Pharaoh"
B1: Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff "Trying Out"
B2: Dachshund "Vapor"

Vinyl 4
A1: Stephan Bodzin "Mustang"
A2: Eyerer & Namito "Blind Date"
B1: Robert Babicz "Jacko"
B2: Rodiguez Jr. "The Dark"

Vinyl 5
A1: Marc Romboy "Kyoto"
A2: Technasia "Hold Me"
B1: Steve Rachmad "Systematic Denial"
B2: F.E.X. "Hedonism"
B3: Detroit Grand Pubahs vs. Frankie Bones "The Truth"

Systematic va lansa 5YSYST pe vinyl la sfarsitul lunii iunie, iar pe disc, compilatia va aparea pe data de 3 iulie 2009.


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