Soulwax a lansat “Most Of Remixes…”

cd cover soulwax

   "Most of the Remixes We’ve Made Over the Years Except for One by Einsturzende Neubaten Because We Lost it and a Few We Didn’t Think Sounded Good Enough or Just Didn’t Fit In But Including Some That are Hard to Find Because Either People Forgot About Them Or Just Simply Because They Haven’t Been Released Yet. A Few We Really Love. One We Think is Just OK. Some We Did For Free. Some We Did For Money. Some Just For Ourselves Without Permission and Some For Friends as Swaps But Never On Time and Always At Our Studio In Ghent."
   Lansarea acestui album, coincide cu realizarea unui lung metraj documentar,  intitulat "Part OF The Weekend Never Dies".Premiera a avut loc pe 30 octombrie, in orasul natal – Ghent.
   "Most Of Remixes…" semnat Soulwax, a aparut la Parlaphone, pe 22 octombrie 2007.


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