Simian Mobile Disco va lansa volumul compilat Fixed

Fixed by Simian Mobile Disco

 Pentru volumul compilat Simian Mobile Disco au realizat o selectie de piese care au facut istorie in cadrul noptilor de club din Fixed, piese semnate :Conrad Schnitzler, Paul Woolford sau DJ Hell, dar si noua lor piesa, intitulata "Nerve Salad."

Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed – Tracklisting:

 1. Brain Machine – Eternal Night
 2. Etienne Jaumet – For Falling Asleep
 3. Jurek Przezdziecki – Qwerty Poema
 4. Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique
 5. Andre Walter – Malphas
 6. Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child?
 7. DJ Hell – U Can Dance (SMD Mix)
 8. Paul Woolford – False Prophet
 9. Philip Sherburne – Salt and Vinegar
10. Clement Meyer – Midnight Madness
11. Simian Mobile Disco – Nerve Salad
12. Pantha Du Prince – Behind The Stars
13. Hot Chip – One Life Stand (Carl Craig Mix)
14. Chateau Flight – Baroque
15. SND – 05:36:58
16. Delia Derbyshire – Dreams

Defend Music va lansa compilatia "Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed" pe data de 12 octombrie 2010. 

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