Simian Disco Mobile aduce Temporary Pleasure


Singleul de promovare pentru "Temporary Pleasure" se numeste "Audacity
of Huge" si a fost lucrat alaturi de solistul Chris Keating, asta in
vreme ce Alexis Taylor, Jamie Lidell, Beth Ditto si Gruff Rhys au
contribuit la realizarea celor 10 piese de pe album.

De partea de ilustratie s – a ocupat Kate Moross, care va regiza si videoclipul piesei "Audacity Of Huge".

 1. Cream Dream (featuring Gruff Rhys)
 2. Audacity of Huge (featuring Chris Keating)
 3. 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong
 4. Cruel Intentions (featuring Beth Ditto)
 5. Off The Map (featuring Jamie Lidell)
 6. Synthesise
 7. Bad Blood (featuring Alexis Taylor)
 8. Turn Up The Dial (featuring Young Fathers)
 9. Ambulance
10. Pinball (featuring Telepathe)

Wichita Recordings va lansa Temporary Pleasure pe data de 17 august 2009.


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