Rush Hour va lansa colectia Frictionalism 1994-2009

Frictionalism 1994 - 2009 by Shake cover album

 Colectia se va intitula "Frictionalism 1994 – 2009" si va fi lansata pe vinyl si Cd, in editie limitata e vorba de 1.000 de copii.
Piesele selectate acopera mai multe genuri din muzica electronica, de la hip hop instrumental, la electro, techno si house, dar si cateva piese in exclusivitate precum, "The Other One," "Frenchie" si "Psychotic Tango."

Frictionalism 1994-2009 tracklisting:

 1. Mood Swing
 2. Live For Friction
 3. Plugged In
 4. Here, There & Nowhere
 5. Arise
 6. The Floor Filler
 7. Happy To Be Here
 8. March Into Darkness
 9. Breathe Deeper
10. Electron Rider
11. Stereotype
12. Detroit State Of Mind

 1. Fact Of The Matter
 2. Roaming
 3. One Beat (Just Won’t Do)
 4. Mr. Gone Is Back Again
 5. Perseverance
 6. …Like A Dream
 7. My Computer Is An Optimist
 8. Simpatico
 9. Travellers
10. Things Come & Go
11. The Fake Left, Go Right Plan

 1. Assimilated
 2. Spectre
 3. The Other One
 4. For The Lamented
 5. Frictionalized
 6. Lay Back In The Cut
 7. Psychotic Tango
 8. Your Little Black Robot
 9. Frictional Beat Nr. 5
10. Fenchie
11. Get A Feeling
12. The Old Way

A1. Happy To Be Here
A2. Breathe Deeper
B1. March Into Darkness
B2. Electron Rider
C1. Arise
C2. Simpatico
D1. The Fake Left, Go Right Plan
D2. Mr Gone Is Back Again
E1. Assimilated
E2. Get A Feeling
F1. For The Lamented
F2. Frictionalized
G1. The Floor Filler
G2. Plugged In
H1. The Other One
I. My Computer Is An Optimist
J. Fact Of The Matter

Rush Hour va lansa "Frictionalism: 1994-2009" pe vinyl in data de 28 noiembrie 2009, iar pe Cd compilatia va fi disponibila in luna ianuarie 2010.


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