“Big Monster” album de debut la Fat! Records

   Dupa multe ore petrecute in studio, luna aceasta este si ..a celor doi; lanseaza primul lor album, intitulat "Big Monster", care aduce fanilor, track-uri mai vechi B & I.D, precum "Rite The Passage" si  "The Machine", dar si productii noi: block – rockin’ – gul electro "Jewelz" si o colalborare cu Virus Syndicate – "Jump Up Get Hype".Baobinga & I.D
01. Carve Your Name
02. Recognise
03. Like An Arrow
04. South Manchester Weather
05. Jump Up Get Hype feat. Virus Syndicate
06. Jersey St
07. No Bright Lights
08. NY3.5
09. Rite of Passage
10. The Waterpark
11. Jewelz
12. Blue Green
13. The Machine
14. Into The Air
   "Big Monster" debutul Baobinga & I.D, este lansat astazi, 26 noiembrie cu Fat!Records.Fat! Records


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