Nick Warren piesa noua: Way Out West


Filmat in Londra, in cadrul Brixton’s Twisted Audio Night, acest film nu este tocmai un standard in materie de clipuri, de fapt se vrea a fi ca o fila din jurnalul unui Dj.
Cu putin timp in urma, Warren a mixat compilatia "GU35 Lima" pentru Global Underground.






video: Nick Warren Playing: Way Out West – Future Perfect

GU35 Lima mixed by Nick Warren

 1.Paul Rogers – Lima Luna (Intro) 
 2.Nils Nürnberg – Seduction 
 3.Kruse & Nürnberg – An Why E 
 4.Jairus Miller – Botnet 
 5.Babak Shayan – One In A Million 
 6.Ormatie – Twisted Turns 
 7.Glide – Cassini 
 8.Victoria R – Beauty Goes Blind 
 9.Petersky – Kurs Zjazdowy 
10.Michael Burns Pres. Panoptic – Surface 
11.Yura Popov – Help 
12.Stan Kolev – Soma Funk (Yvel & Tristan Remix) 
13.Astrid Suryanto – Distant Bar (16 Bit Lolitas Mix) 

CD2  dj_nick_warren.jpg
 1.Alex Dolby – Long Beach 
 2.Etiket – Revelation 
 3.Yvel & Tristan Feat. Chriss Of The Quasar – Panama 
 4.Bypass FX – I Am Trying 
 5.Richard Gale – Moloko Plus 
 6.Somnus Corporation – Expo 86 
 7.Thomas Sagstad – Castillian 
 8.Martin Brodin – Siberian Transit 
 9.The Steals Vs Grafiti – Sinner (Leama & James Davis’Grafiti’       Mix)
10.Way Out West – Spaceman (Robert Babicz Mix)
11.Analogue People in a Digital World – Before the Wind
12.Perc – Bosworth


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