Hotflush presents..Space & Time” pe CD si Vinyl

coperta cd Hot Flush: Space & Time

   "Space & Time", soseste pe piata in varianta CD, cu piese nemixate, cu productii semnate de regele "distorsion" – Vex, techno experimental cu Vaccine, dar si cu obisnuitii label-ului: Boxcutter, Toasty si Scuba.Compilatia de debut Hotflush, va fi lansata si in varianta vinyl, incluzand 9 track-uri.
CD tracklist
1. Jazzsteppa – ‘One’
2. Vaccine – Fever
3. Scuba – Out There
4. Boxcutter – Philly
5. Intex Systems – DS4
6. Scuba – Inmost
7. Elemental – Raw Material
8. Toasty – The Knowledge (Vex’d Mix 2)
9. Gravious – Subterfuge
10. Boxcutter – Infraviolet
11. Slaughter Mob – No Big Deal
12. Vaccine – Wishful Thinking VIP
13. Toasty – Angel (Si Begg remix)
14. Elemental – Sparkle (Boxcutter remix)

Vinyl tracklist
A1. Jazzsteppa – ‘One’
B1. Gravious – Subterfuge
B2. Scuba – Inmost
C1. Vaccine – Fever
D1. Elemental – Raw Material
D2. Slaughter Mob – No Big Deal
E1. Scuba – Out There
F1. Toasty – The Knowledge (Vex’d mix 2)
F2. Intex Systems – DS4

"Hot Flush presents …Space & Time" a fost lansat pe CD, triplul vinyl urmand sa apara la sfarsitul lunii noiembrie.


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