Hot Chip lanseaza al 3 lea LP – IN THE DARK

    Hot Chip"Hold On" si "Out At The Picture", doua dintre piesele acestui album, vin in varianta live. "Ready For The Floor" este single-ul de debut al celui de-al treilea album Hot Chip.

    Hot Chip va pleca intr-un turneu de promovare pentru "Made In The Dark", care debuteaza in data de 2 februarie in Los Angeles, dupa care urmeaza New York, Marea Britanie [ alaturi de Matthew Dear’s Big Hands], Australia, Europa si America de Nord, in aprilie 2008.


01. Out at the Pictures
02. Shake a Fist
03. Ready for the Floor
04. Bendable Poseable
05. We’re Looking for a Lot of Love
06. Touch Too Much
07. Made in the Dark
08. One Pure Thought
09. Hold On
10. Wrestlers
11. Don’t Dance
12. Whistle for Will
13. In the Privacy of Our Love

   "Made In The Dark" apare pe 5 februarie 2008 cu label-ul !K7.

                                                video: Hot Chip – "Ready For The Floor"


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