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Get Physical turneu in America de Nord

Get Physical Music   M.A.N.D.Y si Heidi pleaca in turneu in America de Nord la sfarsitul lunii aprilie. Pe parcursul turneului vor avea aparitii si partenerii lor de la Get Physical, duo-ul Booka Shade si Audiofly. Din data de 23 aprilie pana pe 10 mai petrecerile vor parcurge locatii aflate pe Coasta de Vest, East Coast, Canada, Mexic si chiar Guatemala.


Audiofly   Audiofly se va alatura turneului in ultima parte a acestuia, in vreme ce entuziastii Booka Shade va avea o aparitie solo, pe 25 aprilie in San Francisco.                          
   Dar daca sunteti mult prea nerabdatori si nu aveti rabdare pana atunci, M.A.N.D.Y si compania vor fi prezenti la Winter Music Conference la sfarsitul lunii martie.                                                        Heidi


Get Physical Tour Dates
Apr 23 The Hard Rock, Las Vegas
Apr 25 Mezzanine, San Francisco
Apr 26 Avalon, Los Angeles
Apr 30 Play Zone, Guatemala City
May 1 Las Bodegas Del Molindo, Puebla
May 2 Hardpop, Juarez
May 4 Underbar, Boston
May 5 Fur, Washington DC
May 6 Woody’s, Philadelphia
May 7 The Social, Toronto
May 8 Tribe, Montreal
May 9 Studio B, New York
May 10 Vision, Chicago


                                 video: M.A.N.D.Y. @ Prince of Wales, Melbourne – Australia

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