Dublin Electronic Arts Festival

DEAF - 2008


   In noptile urmatoare pe scena festivalului vor urca Daedalus, Steinski, Regis, John Daly si unul dintre cele mai apreciate proiecte in muzica electronica, Chymera.


                                                             video: Chymera – Wish


                                                            video: Chymera – Parelo


   Despre Laurent Garnier este inutil sa scriem; un nume atat de mare nu are nevoie de multe cuvinte.

Iata si programul complet al DEAF:

  Oct 23  Subject / Deaf presents Steve Kotey & More, Bia Bar
  Oct 23  DEAF 2008: Nurse With Wound, Andrews Lane Theatre
  Oct 23  Foggy Notions and !Kaboogie present Mad EP, Andrews La..
  Oct 23  CandyCollective presents SweetTalk: Steinski, The Suga..
  Oct 23  Electricity present Ultradyne, Twisted Pepper
  Oct 23  DEAF Bar Weekender, South William Bar Basement
  Oct 24  I-and-E presents Annette Krebs, Ireland Institute
  Oct 24  Choice Cuts present Poets of Rhythm, Andrews Lane Thea..
  Oct 24  Forever present M83, Vicar Street
  Oct 24  Forever present Trans Am, The Village
  Oct 24  Night Flight present Chymera and John Daly, Button Fac..
  Oct 24  Test present Regis, The Underground
  Oct 24  Deadbeat presents Push Move Click, Twisted Pepper
  Oct 24  Groovement Soul present Phil Asher, 4 Dame Lane
  Oct 24  Time of the Month present WE –R- 2?, Lower Deck
  Oct 24  DJ Sandrinho, South William Bar Basement
  Oct 25  Electronic Sensoria Band featuring Itaru Oki, Joy Gall..
  Oct 25  Note Productions present In the Country & Susanna, Whe..
  Oct 25  Big Dish Go present Luke Vibert, The Underground
  Oct 25  Clampdown present DK7 aka Mark O’Sullivan, Andrews Lan..
  Oct 25  DEAF Bar Weekender, South William Bar Basement
  Oct 26  Improvised Music Company present Lakker, JJ Smyths
  Oct 26  City Festival and Atomsoul present, Mcgruders
  Oct 26  DEAF Closing Party: Model 500, The Village
  Oct 26  Maximum Joy present White Noise, The Sugar Club
  Oct 26  DEAF Bar Weekender, South William Bar Basement



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