Dan Ghenacia prezinta compilatia Sound Of The City

Sound of the City by Dan Ghenacia

Ghenacia este cunoscut pentru lunga rezidenta in cadrul Circo Loco, fiind unul dintre Dj underground care a ajuns in toate cluburile din Europa, dar a fost si rezident in cadrul evenimentelor afetr hours din The Batofar.
“Sound of the City – Dan Ghenacia’s Paris” ofera o viziune de ansamblu asupra muzicii din perioada 1994 – 2000, oferind o selectie de piese semnate de artisti ca Black Strobe, DJ Deep, Krikor sau Phil Weeks.


Sound Of The City – Tracklisting:

Sound Of The City Cd 1:

1. Black Strobe – Paris Acid City
2. Home and Garden – Tribute To Paranoia (Tim Schumacher Remix)
3. Johnny Dangerous – Father In Heaven (Repercussion Mix)
4. BT – Remember (Mood 2 Swing Dub)
5. Billy Sprockets – Club 101
6. DJ Rasoul – To Be Free
7. Soldier Of Twilight – Mainfloor
8. Soha – Eve
9. Didier Sinclair – Funky Taste
10. Lance Desardi – Remembrance
11. DJ Deep And Jovonn – Back In The Dark
12. Mustafa – Circles (The Master Mix)
13. Audio Clash – Live And Die (Wild Pitch Mix)
14. Layo And Bushwaka feat. Robert Owens – Low Life (Love From San Francisco Remix)

Sound Of The City Cd 2:

1. The Absolute Family – Encense’s Road
2. Boo Williams – Space 1999
3. Gemini – Where Do I Go
4. Children Of Planet Earth – Are You The Future (Guiro Dub)
5. Krikor – Sometimes Sweat Susan
6. The Persuader – What Is The Time, Mr Templar?
7. Phil Weeks – It Put Me Well (Fred Everything Remix)
8. Dringers – Koka
9. Dan Ghenacia & Phil Weeks – First Step
10. DJ Bertrand – Fuckin Filter (Ivan’s Cube Cleaning Dub)
11. Crispin J Glover – The Beat Goes On
12. Llorca feat. Lady Bird – My Precious Thing (Llorca Acid Mix)
13. Touloulou – Theme Of Guts The Rug’s (The Rug’s Underground Vox Mix)
14. Cassio Ware – I Wanna See You Freak Like This (Kenny Dope Remix)

Ministry of Sound va lansa compilatia “Sound of the City – Dan Ghenacia’s Paris” pe data de 16 mai 2011.

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