Craciunul aduce compilatia X-Mas Chill Out

X-mas Chill Out, girl,red,Christmas cover album

 "X-Mas Chill Out" este o compilatie imartita pe doua discuri, cu piese cu un beat profund, deep, cu solisti cunoscuti in intreaga lume. Pe cele doua discuri apar nume precum Sunlouger, Jan Vayne, Lowland, Arnej, Lustral, Armin van Buuren, The Space Brothers, Tenishia feat. Tiff Lacey.

video: X-Mas Chill Out (50 Songs)

Tracklisting :

X-Mas Chill Out Disc 1

 1. Lowland – Children (Original Version)
 2. Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton – Certainty (Andy Prinz Chillout Mix)
 3. Jan Vayne – Fruits & Passion (Armin van Buuren’s Downtempo Mix)
 4. Coastline feat. Madelin Zero – Alone With You (Chillout Mix)
 5. Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – Out There (5Th Dimension) (Christian Rusch’s Chillout Mix)
 6. Lowland – My Religion (Original Version)
 7. Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost (Chillout Mix)
 8. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia – Invisible (Kopi Luwak Remix)
 9. Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones – Going Wrong  (Acoustic Version)
10. DJ Shah feat. Nadja Nooijen – Over & Over (Acoustic Version)
11. Robert Nickson – Spiral (Chillout Mix)
12. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Chiller Twist Blue Line Remix)
13. Bissen presents the Crossover – Washout (Piano Mix)
14. Arnej feat. Josie – Strangers We’ve Become (Acoustic Mix)
15. Lowland – Rush (Original Version)
16. Ascension – For A Lifetime (Chillout Mix)
17. Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Monokini Beach Mix)
18. Lustral – Am I On Your Mind (Original Mix)
19. The Space Brothers – Beyond The Sun (Original Mix)
20. Sunlounger – Lounging By The Sea (Album Mix)
21. Tenishia feat. Tiff Lacey – Burning From The Inside (Tenishia  Frozen Mix)
22. Lowland – Mindcircus (Original Version)
23. Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa – Burned With Desire (Chillout Mix)
24. Simmonds & Jones – Love Shines Through (Vox Mix)
25. Omega 3 – Daily Music

X-Mas Chill Out Disc 2

 1. DJ Shah feat. Britta Medeiros – Sunday Morning 2.8 (Acoustic  Version)
 2. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia – Reasons To Forgive (Piano Mix)
 3. Collective Sound Members – Journey To A Dream
 4. Jan Vayne – Laments Of The Lost (Alucard’s Chilled Mix)
 5. Lowland – Seven Cities (Original Version)
 6. Deep ‘N Pure feat. Radboy – R We Ever Gonna Be
 7. Sunlounger feat. Zara – Crawling (Chill Mix)
 8. Arnej – People Come, People Go (Chillout Mix)
 9. Sunlounger – White Sand (Chill Out Mix)
10. Lowland РCafŽ Del Mar (Original Mix)
11. DJ Shah feat. Chloe Langley – Young & Proud (Acoustic Version)
12. Collective Sound Members – A Touch Of Jazz
13. Astrid Suryanto – Distant Bar (Original Mix)
14. Omega 3 feat. Sharp Q – Silent Blue (Original Mix)
15. Mark Otten – Tranquility (Lightscape Lounge Mix)
16. Armin van Buuren feat. Martijn Hagens – Golddigger
17. Omega 3 feat. Kim Novak – Take Me Away (Original Mix)
18. Collective Sound Members – Good Thang
19. Ohmna – The Sun ‘ll Shine (Bali Ambient Mix)
20. Verbal Kint feat. Judie Jay – Break My Dreams (Original Live Mix)
21. Envio – Touched By The Sun (Rusch & Elusive’s Chill Out Mix)
22. Erik De Koning – Dream Flight (Chillout Mix)
23. Dave-PL – Saroma (Original Mix)
24. Moussa Clarke & Terrafunka – She Wants Him (Dynamic Illusion Chill Mix)
25. Lounge Conjunction – What You’re Doing (Original Mix)


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