Booka Shade lanseaza The Sun & The Neon Light

Walter from Booka Shade   Altfel,  albumul promite un pachet variat de sound-uri: 2 piese sunt realizate alturi de o orchestra live, 4 sunt vocale [aici mentionam "Control Me" si "Solo City"], o piesa are influente latino – "Comacabana"…iar surpriza mare e adusa de "Dusty Boots" un track cu elemente de country..                                         Arno from Booka Shade







Iata mesajul lui Walter si Arno despre "The Sun & The Neon Light" [ Resident Advisor]

                                              video: Booka Shade anounnce NEW ALBUM


                                            video: Booka Shade Live @ 10 Days Off 2007



01 Outskirts                                                                                                  Booka Shade
02 Duke
03 Dusty Boots
04 Control Me                                                                                              
05 Solo City
06 Redemption
07 Charlotte
08 The Sun & The Neon Light
09 Sweet Lies
10 Karma Car (Album Version)
11 Psychameleon
12 Planetary
13 Comacabana
14 You Don’t Know What You Mean To Me (J’s Lullaby)

    "The Sun & The Neon Light" semnat Booka Shade va fi lansat cu label-ul Get Physical pe 26 mai 2008. Albumul va fi precedat de un vinyl intitulat "Planetary/City Tales", care apare pe 13 martie



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