Basement Jaxx va lansa albumul Scars in octombrie


Pentru anul 2010 cei doi pregatesc lansarea unui mini album.




 1. Scars
 2. Raindrops
 3. She’s No Good [ft. Lightspeed Champion]
 4. Saga [ft. Santigold]
 5. Feelings Gone [ft. Eli "Paperboy" Reed and Sam Sparro]
 6. My Turn
 7. A Possibility
 8. Twerk [ft. Yo Majesty!]
 9. Day of the Sunflowers (We March On) [ft. Yoko Ono]
10. What’s a Girl Gotta Do
11. Stay Close
12. D.I.S.tractionz
13. Gimme Somethin’ True

XL Recordings va lansa albumul Scars in luna octombrie 2009. 


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