Apare noul volum This Is Audio Therapy 2010

This Is Audio Therapy 2010 - album cover

"This Is Audio Therapy 2010" contine piese in prima auditie de la  Fiord, Christian Cambas, Amin Golestan, Simon Garcia, Reuben Keeney, Dubfunk, Andre Sobota, Nomad In The Dark. Cele 10 piese in exclusivitate pentru volumul 2010 al serie "This Is Audio Therapy" prezinta cele mai respectate nume ale casei de productie Audio Therapy, artisti recunoscuti in intreaga lume.





This Is Audio Therapy tracklisting:

 1. Fiord – Foxymoron
 2. Simon Garcia – Electric Zoo
 3. Dubfunk – Joy
 4. Christian Cambas & George Apergis – Rich & Famous
 5. Amin Golestan & Xaver – Let’s Do It Again
 6. Steven Libby – Firestone – Nomad In The Dark Remix
 7. 7th Key – Butterflies In My Room
 8. Nectarios – Friends With Benefits
 9. Reuben Keeney – Guitar
10. Andre Sobota – I Can Feel You

"This Is Audio Therapy 2010" va fi lansat pe data de 21 decembrie 2009.


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