Ai Records pregateste un volum aniversar


Cele 10 piese ale albumului sunt semnate de artisti din catalogul Ai Records:   Najemsworb, Pathic, Sinner DC, Mike Manning.




 1. Mike Manning – My Fantasy
 2. Sinner DC – Glass Alley (Object Object Mix)
 3. Plant43 – Leaves
 4. Datassette – Crawling Greens
 5. EOC – Departure
 6. Najemsworb – Forte
 7. Pathic – Ticktock
 8. Dez Williams – Process Of Elimination
 9. FZV – The Other Day
10. The Third Man – FGB

Ai Recordings va lansa When I Was Ten pe data de 2 noiembrie 2009.


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