A Catch in the Voice albumul lui Jesse Somfay


 Este vorba de doua ore de muzica, care seamana cu o colaborarea intre Boards of Canada si James Holden sau Minilogue.
Pentru a sarbatori acest moment Archipel Records a anuntat ca va lansa 50 de albume in editie limitata, pentru colectionari.



A Catch in the Voice Tracklisting:

CD 1
01. Elegian Station
02. Cuckoo Spit
03. Hypnogogii
04. Brave Late Fade
05. Good Morning Strange Light
06. Folding Ghosts Into Origami Stars
07. Ex Astris, Ad Astra
08. Irradian Irradiant

CD 2
01. Scotia
02. Amo Alucinor
03. Something Smallest
04. Algonquin
05. Averroes
06. Tomorrow’s Yesterday Is Today
07. Borealis
08. NoTR

Archipel va lansa "A Catch in the Voice" pe data de 31 martie 2009.


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