What’s new: A State of Trance ep. 834


Another episode of “A state of Trance” took place last week, which means we have just two more shows until ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) will kick off and with it ASOT 836 special edition.

However, until then let’s focus on last week’s TOP 3 released tracks:

Alpha 9 – Blossom

Setting moods and trends with unparalleled efficiency, Alpha 9 keeps turning heads with his sublime productions. With ‘Blossom’, he brandishes jaw-dropping chord progressions and tender sounds, which culminate in a record able to lift people up and touch their hearts. Like the first flower of a cherry tree, ‘Blossom’ gives the world of music its brilliant colors.

Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt – Missing

A brilliant interpretation of the well-known hit song, ‘Missing’ is as enchanting as a song can be. From Mark Sixma’s top-notch production to Emma Hewitt’s haunting vocals, this ‘90s classic turned Trance gem fully deserves its place at the top of your playlist.

Andrew Rayel – Dark Warrior (Willem de Roo remix)

Destined to wreak havoc in all four corners of the world, the Willem de Roo Remix of Andrew Rayel’s ‘Dark Warrior’ goes full beast mode from start to finish. Ripping sound systems to shreds while cracking dance floors beyond repair, this bulldozing anthem makes for one heck of a second release on Andrew Rayel’s InHarmony imprint.

And this time, we are going to end with a very special VLOG, Armin van Buuren answering a short Q&A session. Enjoy! 😉



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