What’s new: A State of Trance ep. 835

Last week marked another brilliant episode of “A State of Trance” (835), which means we are only a few days away from the biggest ASOT ever, for this Thursday Armin van Buuren will stage no less than 14-hours of his radio show, starting with the Armada headquarters and continuing with Amsterdam Arena.

This will be livestreamed on www.asot.tv, Armin van Buuren Facebook, A State Of Trance Facebook and the Armada Facebook. The show will be hosted by various artist and that’s not all, after the radio show Armin goes straight to the AFAS live for the ‘A State Of Trance – ADE special’ so make sure to tune in!

But until then, let’s take a look at last week’s top 3 releases:

Limelght – Don’t Leave Me Now

Sure to touch a nerve in audiences across the world, ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ is an outpouring of emotion that makes for remarkable moments. A brilliant mash of Limelght’s outstanding production and the heartrending vocals, this brand-new Armin release will make it hard for any Trance fan to hold back the tears.

Beatsole – Shimla

Hot on the heels of A State Of Trance debut ‘Before I Wake’, Beatsole’s next masterpiece hits Who’s Afraid Of 138?!. Making its ravaging basslines, intricate acid patterns and a full-throttle melody pour from sound systems at terminal velocity and maximum volume, this cut redefines what qualifies as carnage-inducing.

David Gravell – Traveller

We’re used to David Gravell pushing speakers to their limits and fans will be glad to hear his new offering is more of the same. With ‘Traveller’, the Dutchman once again links a floor-cracking bassline with blazing synths and soul-searching melodies. For another exciting musical journey, please follow the ‘Traveller’.



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