Tzinah Records lanseaza VA Underground House Music 002


Selectia cuprinde piese ale membrilor mai vechi ai Tzinah Family ca Francesco Zani, Javier Carballo, Bayt, Floskà, Nu Zau, Raffa FL, M-Phunk, Primarie, Anthony Rondelli,  dar si piese ale producatorilor Andreas Lindemann si Raffa FL.



VA Underground House Music 002 Feedback:






Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin

Dj Sneak: ok traxx

Loco Dice: Will check please send me the wav. Thanks

Daniel Sanchez: Nice pack here, will try some of the tracks in my sets

Hector Moralez: downloading for Hector Moralez.. thanks.

Chris Simmonds: Thank you, I will give this my full support!

Luca Albano: Really nice! Will try out!

Arado: downloaded …..thx

Tato: Nice VA Madrugada and Still Ballin for me! Thanks

Andrew Grant: nice VA luv the artwork too

Psykoloco: Nice music, will try it on my next dj set. thanks

Philip Arruda: Floska, Nu Zau, Primarie, and Rondelli get my love in this pack. Thanks for the send 

Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

David Labeij: Anthony & Raffa the ones for me!!

Simina Grigoriu: Lindemann trak beton.

Camiel Daamen: Night Jazz is amazing!! Also love Francesco’s Afternoon and Madrugada from Javier! Great tracks!

Horatio: Full support on this one

Javi Bora: Support

Someone Else: tracks 4 and 7 are interesting.

Federico Luchetti: ”Francesco Zani – Afternoon” , ”Floska – Still Ballin”& ”Anthony Rondelli – Night Jazz” are nice, will play

Papol: Really really nice compilation great classic sounds i will play for sure thx

Primarie: It’s the next generation of house feelings, music, and new members of our family, i enjoy it the most! Thanks guyz!

Cristian Varela: javier Carballo is nice!

Andrea Loche: Great Work !


Zotist: Good Compilation!


Julian Perez: Great sound in this Pack actually!! Madrugada for me is the one here!


Dan Farserelli: Nice  Will support


Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): 10 solid tracks…. really nice vibe throughout the album….


Egal 3: solid solid v.a


Jorick Croes: very nice !


Isaac Silva: Gracias por los tracks amigos,muy buen trabajooo


Katoline: Another great VA. Thx Tzinah and good luck! Full support


Chemars: Great selection of tracks and artists…difficult to choose a favorite one. Will support.


Orlando B: real nice collection of deep and jackin house… francesco zani kills it


Nick Perry: Nice Va my choice is afternoon, still ballin, someday raw dub, joy full night jazz great fucking VA full support


Molisans Brothers: Cool Trax… support some one


Pepe Arcade: thanks! afternoon is cool!


Papol: Really really nice compilation great classic sounds i will play for sure thx


CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Support for our friend Anthony Rondelli, great track, will play ! thanks for the promo !


Robert Pow



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