Flash Interview with Cosmic Gate


Cosmic Gate (aka. Nic Chagall & Bossi) have been in the business since … well, it almost seems like forever. And not because they’ve graced the charts with their tracks in numerous occasions (which is also true), but because they have made a name for themselves and established a certain legacy that automatically makes you pay attention when you hear their one-of-a-kind sound.

With a history that comes close to 20 years (as a duo) and with so many amazing and bold projects yet to be written, we decided it’s time to catch up with the lads. The timing was perfect as they were invited to play during the TimeShift Festival, in Bucharest on July 21st.

Radio DEEA: How did Nic Chagall & Bossi team up to create Cosmic Gate? What was this thing that brought you together and made you stick together for so long?

Cosmic Gate: “Actually, unlike other duos or collaborations, the two of us were no close friends when we ended up in the studio together for the first time.It was a total chance meeting, and there was no plan at all to write music now for 20 years and tour the world together.

These things all grew during the years, because from day one we simply had a very unique understanding about the sound of Cosmic Gate, we liked the same ideas, added up in a great way as DJs as well, so that chemistry we had was one of  a kind and carried us during all these years, and meanwhile 7 studio albums. It was a bit of Karma maybe that brought us together on that day…”

Radio DEEA: You have been a mainstay in the trance industry since forever (’99 to be more accurate). How do you manage to stay fresh, yet to keep your own style?

Cosmic Gate: “That’s exactly what we think is important, to sound fresh and modern, BUT never just follow a trend blindly, we always write music with a certain kind of, let us call it Cosmic Gate vibe, our own style and handwriting if you want to name it like that, no matter if it was in 1998 with 140 beats or now with 128 bpm.”

At the beginning of 2017 the lads released Materia Chapter.One – an album which reunites big names from the industry, like Ferry Corsten, Eric Lumiere or JES. But the duo wanted more, for the project was meant to have two chapters, this September Materia Chapter.Two having its official launch.

Radio DEEA: Is Materia (Chapter 1&2) a new statement from Cosmic Gate? How was the album received and what are your prospects for Chapter.Two?

Cosmic Gate: “Every new album we do is kind of a statement, it always reflects the musical state we are in, its an addition to the album before, we would be bored doing the same thing twice. In general we just follow our guts when we write new music, and so we did with Materia.”

“We think Materia is something like an all time Cosmic Gate album, with sounds and melodies more reminiscing to the more early stage of our career, also maybe to the sign of the times and earth mover times, but on the other side if feels very fresh and has a lot of modern and new elements as well. We are very happy with its reception, and surely Chapter Two of Materia will follow on the footsteps of Chapter One, it’s simply the second half of the album, like a book that was released in two parts.”

“Chapter Two will make the Materia journey complete and create a full album that the listener hopefully enjoys and will look back to in a few years still enjoying the journey.”

Radio DEEA: Is Emma Hewitt a special singer to Cosmic Gate? You had numerous releases with her and it feels like she is the voice you’ve been searching for. We even dare to say that you are kind of inseparable.

Cosmic Gate: “What can we say? Working with Emma is always very inspiring, her voice and talent of songwriting somehow fits perfectly with the vibe of our beats and music.”

“During all the years of touring together we had so much fun together, and we are pretty sure that “Tonight” on Materia Chapter. Two won’t be the last word from the three of us together ☺”

Radio DEEA: What could we expect after Materia Chapter.Two? Any plans for the future?

Cosmic Gate: “We have been working on Materia for about a year, so it feels funny to speak about new music when Materia Chapter.Two isn’t even released.”

“But to be honest, we do have a few collaborations in the making, collabs that did not get finished on time for Materia, so after the album, there will be no long wait till we come up with something new.”

“We’ll keep you guys posted on time & see you all in Romania, hopefully very soon !”



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