Flash Interview: Aly & Fila

Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah (a.k.a. Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (a.k.a. Fila) are undoubtedly ones of the most well known trance duos that ever graced the electronic music dance scene.

With a truly distinctive sound that carries the emotion of their Egyptian ancestry, with a never-ending inspiration to create more and more music, recording no less than five albums to date (and getting ready for the 6th for which they have already released two singles, “It’s all about the Melody” and “Gravity“), and breaking all the boundaries by being the only acts in the world to have played at the Egyptian Pyramids, what more can one add about Aly & Fila?

Not much, we argue, so we’ll just leave you in the lads’ company (a virtual one, ofc) that are eager to share the news of their forthcoming album and music in general.

Radio DEEA: With your 6th album in the oven and a two brand new singles just launched on the market, things must be pretty exciting at the Aly & Fila’s stables. After so many years of producing music and touring the world, where do you find the energy and of course, the inspiration, to bring something new to the table?

Aly & Fila: “The fans give us the most inspiration possible , and friends and family . We are really excited about the year ahead,  we have a lot of new music and our next artist album ‘Its all about the melody’ will be released.

Radio DEEA: The title of your first released single: “It’s all about the Melody” is iconic to say the least, and we dare say, it stands as a statement for all your musical work throughout the years. Can you please share more about the track and why did you choose this one as the first release from your forthcoming album?

Aly & Fila: “We have been playing the track in our sets since last summer , people have been asking online a lot, what is this track? It’s the name of the album also, so we felt it fitting to be the first single.”

Radio DEEA: Although we know you can’t share a lot about your new album, can you at least share with us and the fans, some teasers on what to expect from their favourite duo this time? Are there any collabs, any new musical experiments?

Aly & Fila: There are some cool collaborations on there, unfortunately we are unable to reveal J hopefully everyone will enjoy.”

Radio DEEA: When will the album see the light of day?

Aly & Fila:All will be revealed in time 🙂 “

Radio DEEA: How does 2019 look like for Aly & Fila? What are your plans?

Aly & Fila:Plenty of Music, working on FSOE shows worldwide! We already announced we are hosting FSOE Miami , FSOE Amsterdam Weekender with Luminosity , FSOE Stage at Tomorrowland , with more to be revealed. We are looking forward to visiting as many countries as possible! “

Radio DEEA: You have become an iconic trance reference for every electronic music lover out there, but interestingly enough, not just for them, but for music lovers in general. What do you think is the secret for that?

Aly & Fila:It is a combination of things , hard work and dedication, support from family and friends and support from our teams and management – then, of course, the inspiration from the fans worldwide. “

Radio DEEA: How do you see the musical trance scene at the present time, comparing it with how it was when you started? What’s gone wrong and what’s gone right?

Aly & Fila:The demographic has certainly changed since we started in 2013, it is still very healthy worldwide. There are also other genres which trance fans enjoy, also more underground genres – like ourselves when we play long sets – we always build into the set with underground music into trance, and on our FSOE Weekly radio show we begin in a similar style.”

Radio DEEA: Looking back on your career as musicians, is there anything that you would have done differently? And if so, why?

Aly & Fila: “It has been an incredible journey so far, we thank everyone who have supported us over the years!”


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