INTERVIEW: Christina Novelli talks “Through my Eyes” album

It was November 15th, 2019 when Christina Novelli’s “Through my Eyes” acoustic album saw the light of day. That special and one-of-a-kind angelic voice of hers was going to capture our souls and ears and … well, nothing will ever be the same.

“A felt album from A to Z”. If this could be a musical concept, then Christina would be its mother as this is the perfect way to describe it. Emotional, strong and filled with what she has best: passion for her work.

A continuous story that builds up with each track, inviting you to actual feel the music before hearing it and experience a genuine introspection into your deeper self.

We can go on and on about it, but we thought it’s only fair to leave it to her to better explain her thoughts about “Through my Eyes” Acoustic Sessions Vol. I, in a short interview.

Radio DEEA: Looking over the titles of the songs, we can’t but assume each track carries a story about something close to your heart. Did we get this right?

Christina Novelli:Each and everyone of these songs is close to my heart, and they are featured on the album due to this. The album is more of an insight into me, a look at the world through my eyes throughout different times of my life, a sharing of emotions and experiences.

Radio DEEA: The electronic music industry is very much centered on tracks without vocals. What made you do an album that, first, is acoustic, and second, is purely based on your voice? Did you feel that there is a gap that needs to be filled, or the reasoning is a more personal one?

Christina Novelli:My new album is something I’ve been wanting to make for well over 10 years. A lot of my songs are originally acoustic songs written to piano or guitar I then collaborate with producers that turn them into the amazing dance tracks. 

This album was my opportunity to strip these songs back to the raw beginning of them and share with my listeners the way I initially wrote and envisioned them. To be able to do this and to share that vulnerability with my listeners means everything.

Radio DEEA: Moving on to the creating process of the album: how long did it take to put it all together (writing it, recording it, arranging it)?

Christina Novelli:This album is a compilation of songs written at varies times in the last ten years. Recording this album was completely exhausting but also exhilarating at the same time!  I basically cleared my schedule of everything except shows and locked myself in a studio to record & produce it. It took a whole team, a lot of all nighter and 7 day weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Radio DEEA: All the songs are written by you, or did you collaborate with other artists that co-wrote some of the songs?

Christina Novelli:I have written every song on the album and worked with various very talented co-writers.

Radio DEEA: The album feels like you poured your heart and soul out and considering that the songs have a very deep emotional background … was it hard to do it? To maybe … re-live some less-than-happy moments?

Christina Novelli:This album was a passion project, every song on the album is very close to my heart and is a personal experience that I have been through at some stage in my life. I literally wear my heart on my sleeve with this album so it is very special to me. I will say that because of this it was definitely quiet a ‘vulnerable’ process. I am so grateful to be able to share this with the world.

Radio DEEA: We noticed that you choose a church as a setting for your album photo session. Is there any particular reason for doing it?

Christina Novelli:Religious status aside, I’ve always felt an overwhelming sense of calm whenever I am in a church. It was the perfect location.

Radio DEEA: Moving on to an even more personal matter, you recently tied the not on the lovely island of Santorini, with your partner Tara Sirrell. How was the wedding? Was it everything that you expected it would be?

Christina Novelli:It was every bit as beautiful as I expected it to be actually more so! Our family and friends travelled from all over the world to celebrate with us. We had the most amazing time.

Radio DEEA: How is the music industry treating the ladies that dare to have a say in it? Have you ever felt that is much harder for a woman to penetrate the industry, especially on this niche of music?

Christina Novelli:I think the issue of equality in the workplace is something that still affects every industry to a certain degree. I will say however that gender (mine or others) isn’t a factor for me personally when it comes to creating music or the way in which I release my music.

Radio DEEA: Any plans of touring some countries to promote your new “musical baby”?

Christina Novelli:Yes! I can’t wait to do start touring the album. I will tour America, Asia, Uk, Australia… I will be touring a lot this year. To find out where you can see me around the world in 2020, keep an eye on my social media pages!

The album is still available for grabs, stream or purchase.


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