What’s New: A State of Trance ep. 826


Another week has passed, another Thursday with Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” radio show was heard blowing our speakers up. And if last week we saw Ferry Corsten taking over for Armin who’s on vacation, this week’s episode (aka. 826) it was Andrew Rayel and Ørjan Nilsen turn to take the stand.

Needless to say the show was a total bliss, but let’s focus on what’s important: the three tracks of the week!

Armin Van Buuren & Garibay – I Need You (feat. Olaf Blackwood) [Andrew Rayel Remix]

When Andrew Rayel gets called in for remix duty, you know he’ll come up with something you can’t resist. This time ‘round, he puts his touch to ‘I Need You’, imbuing the hit single of Armin van Buuren, Fernando Garibay and Olaf Blackwood with massive bass, jaw-dropping harmonies and stunning melodies. Andrew Rayel has done it again.

KhoMha – Laberinto

Talking about tunes you can get lost in. KhoMha’s solo debut on Armind, ‘Laberinto’ is stacked with grand hooks and turns, making you revel in its intricate melodies and raw bass. If you’re looking to find the epicenter of all that is Trance, ‘Laberinto’ is the record that takes you there.

Jorn van Deynhoven – Rising High

Each time Jorn van Deynhoven steps up to the plate, you know he is about to blow your socks off. Armed with an energetic bassline and soaring melody, ‘Rising High’ does just that, taking listeners on a journey to the highest mountaintop with panoramic view. That’s a feeling nothing else comes close to.

Last but not least, we are happy to announce you that Andrew Rayel has finally revealed the name of his new label  ‘In Harmony’ which will have as its first release, the track: ‘Mass Effect’.

See yaa all next week!


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