What’s New: A State of Trance ep. 825


We might have been busy with covering the Untold Festival here in Cluj, but we couldn’t overlook the Armin van Buuren’s radio show from last Thursday. It was funny to see Ferry Corsten take over, so be sure to watch the full show 😉

We were so, so happy to hear brand new, powerful tracks, so we decided to present you (as usual) three of them, as it follows:

Gaia – Saint Vitus

The holy grail of all things Trance, ‘Saint Vitus’ is happy to make its acquaintance. A classic trancer that fuses hypnotic arpeggios with fierce synths, this miraculous cut has Gaia written all over it and is set to grace crowds the world over. The prayers of Trance fans have been heard.


Orjan Nilsen feat. IDA – Drowning

A master craftsman when it comes to forging addictive melodies, enchanting chord progressions and the wondrous atmospheres that tie them together, Orjan Nilsen comes forth with another gem of a record. Adorned by the haunting vocals of IDA, ‘Drowning’ is a wave of sonic goodness you just have to immerse yourself in.


Fatum – Sugarfree

Anything but saccharine, Grammy nominee Fatum kicks up a storm with their latest single, ‘Sugar Free’. Built for sophisticated palates, the tune is tangy, delectable and satisfying without being overly sweet. Sample it once and you’ll be back for more. ‘Sugar Free’ is pure Fatum. Tasty!


In the end we would just like to add a video from Armin van Buuren’s set at Untold Festival 2017 – a set that lasted for 5 hours! Just mental! Enjoy it trancers, and see ya again next week! 😉


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