Interview Steve Allen: an uplifting musical journey

Steve Allen is and will remain for many, the man who holds the recipe for hard work and passion. A perfect mix that the Leicester DJ and producer has perfected over the years through his various tracks and gigs appearances.

He’s been in the business for over 10 years now, July marking a very special milestone for the artist as his new album “Uplift” will see the light of day. Outside music, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, his daughter and partner, but also and his sweet dog Arlo (that’s when he’s not chilling on the PS4 and watching as much football as he can) 😛

We caught up with Steve and tried to find out more about his latest work, but also on how he’s started his musical journey and some other juicy topics (we won’t reveal those one, you must read the piece 😛 ):

Radio DEEA: Steve, hello! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. You’ve been on the trance scene for more than 10 years now, but do you remember how was your first contact with trance and what did you feel about it back in the day? 

Steve Allen: “It’s been a long time now, which is great! I remember getting into dance music listening to Judge Jules and Dave Pearce on BBC Radio One, and I instantly fell in love with it. It wasn’t until years later I bought some belt drive turntables, and then started to learn what being an artist is all about!


Radio DEEA: You witness the ever-changing scene as a DJ but also as a producer. What was the impact of that on you as an artist? 

Steve Allen: “It doesn’t really impact me, as I produce my own music, and always will, so if I hear a new style I like I can incorporate this into my DJ sets and into my productions, but also craft a unique sound that is my own.”

“The hardest thing I think, is staying motivated with new ideas to keep making the music that I love.”


Radio DEEA: You’ve had a beautiful and very productive collaboration with Scott Envy. Please tell us more about this and what you believe is the track that defines the Allen&Envy collab?

Steve Allen:I had a great time as Allen & Envy and played some amazing gigs, which has now given me the opportunity to grow into the artist I am today.

It’s hard to say which production defined Allen & Envy’s sound, as it often if when both people in the duo don’t produce, but for me personally, my defining production moment would be “Silhouette” due to the response it still gets today! It was well worth the months of graft in the studio to create the final product.

Radio DEEA: We reckon that there must be some artists out there who have shaped the way you look at music and influence you throughout time. Can you name a few?

Steve Allen:I owe a lot to Armin Van Buuren and ASOT, as this was always one of my “goals” at the start, to have support from Armin and play on ASOT, but I’m a big fan of Paul Van Dyk who paved the way for the driving energetic trance I love so much.


Radio DEEA: And since we are on this topic, we bet that you have artists from the trance scene that you are eager to have a collab with …

Steve Allen:I have just completed my collaboration with Paul Van Dyk “Fairytales” which is on his new album “From Then On”. As I mentioned above, Paul was one if the acts in the industry I really look up to, so to collaborate with Paul was a dream come true!


Radio DEEA: And now let’s focus on you: you have a new album named “Uplift” that is going to see the light of day on July 6th. Can you tell us what made you think about releasing a whole album?

Steve Allen: “Basically, people have been asking for a while for an album and the time seemed right to put out an album, not only with new material, but with the best material I have produced over the years.

As well as all my biggest hits, there is new music with Solis & Sean Truby, Patrick Dreama and Jess Morgan and Ana Criado, a remix of Roman Messer and Betsie Larkin plus a brand new instrumental.


Radio DEEA: It’s probably hard to pick just one fav track, so we won’t ask you to do it, but can you tell us if there’s a really, really special one for you, on this album?

Steve Allen:I would say it’s my new single with Solis & Sean Truby & Ana Criado “Frozen River”! We set out a plan to create something we believed could be a future classic, something that people will remember, and I really think we may have got quiet close to it being one of my biggest tracks. The vocal is classic Ana Criado and the melody, for me is right where I want it to be!

“There will be a few mixes of it also, including one at 132bpm which I’ve always wanted to produce at, but also mixes from myself and Solis & Sean Truby.

Radio DEEA: Is there any particular way of describing this album? Maybe you’ve explored some new ways of producing music, or juggle with different styles?

Steve Allen:Well as I mixed it, and from the track-list when you hear it, it’s full of #Uplift all the way through, but with huge vocals from all my productions and releases. It really feels like a big combination of great vocal trance, but it also shows how I’ve grown at a producer from Silhouette which was made in 2013 all the way through to 2018 now with my brand new production sound; it really shows my journey and I’m really excited for people to hear it!


Radio DEEA: We are a bit curious about Luminosity Beach Festival (you’ll be playing on June 30) and if you have something special in mind prepared for it. Are you planning on presenting your album and add some spice to it?

Steve Allen:I’ll be playing an album special, which will included all the new tracks and of course some of the other tracks from the album, we may do something special and let the fans vote which others I play, I don’t know yet, we will see!





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