Ronski Speed lanseaza un LP de artist – Pure Devotion

Ronski Speed



CD 1

 01. Pure Devotion
 02. The Space We Are – Rockin’ Rework of JOC Remix (feat.Sir Adrian)
 03. All The Way ft Aruna
 04. Love All The Pain Away (feat.Julie Scott)
 05. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
 06. Are You (feat.Mque)
 07. Into Your Love (feat.Alynn Carter)
 08. Cold Cruel World (feat.Jenry)
 09. The Deep Devine (feat.Ana)
 10. Shadow Of The Sun (feat.Farita)                                        Ronski Speed
 11. Overfloat
 12. Revolving Doors (feat.Karen Ires)
 13. Clear Your Mind (feat.Sir Adrian)
 14. Drift Away (feat.Aneym)
 15. White Flame (feat.Alexander Perls)

CD 2

01. Slide
02. Bluescreen
03. Manic Star (feat.Aneym)
04. Last Remaining Light
05. Hemisphere
06. Evapor8
07. Out Of Order (feat.Charly Coombes)
08. Starcase
09. Aural Slave
10. Soulseeker – Radio Mix (Stoneface & Terminal feat. Alexander Perls)
11. Collapse
12. Sole Survivor – Ronski Speed Breaks Mix (& Sebastian Sand)


                                  video: Ronski Speed feat Julie Scott – Love All The Pain Away


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