Joseph Capriati debuteaza cu albumul Save My Soul

Save My Soul by Joseph Capriati - cover album
"Save My Soul" va fi lansat cu unlabel din Italia, Analytic Trail, unde Capriati a lansat primul vinyl "C’est la Vie", in anul 2007. Cele 12 piese ale albumului propun genuri diversificate de la techno, breakbeat, drum & bass, pana la downtempo.

Save My Soul – tracklisting:

 1. Looking for The UFO
 2. Hooter
 3. Tech Export
 4. Save My Soul
 5. Johana
 6. Tapa Boca
 7. Noise To Noise
 8. Infierno
 9. My Smile With Your Sunshine
10. GMID
11. From Stortoget To Big Ben
12. Dreaming The Space
Analytic Trail va lansa albumul de debut semnat Joseph Capriati, intitulat "Save My Soul" pe data de 12 iulie 2010.  
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