Interview John Fleming: “Progressive is a description of something that progressively gets from point A to point B, not an actual genre”


Born and bred in the United Kingdom, with over 30 years of experience producing & mixing music and with a natural talent of influencing what music should sound, but also feel like, John Fleming needs no introduction.

His productions have reached the top not because they are cool, but because they deserve their place there. They inspire, they make you think twice about vibes and feelings, about true meaning, about quality, style and originality.

Not a big fan of Social Media, but a feverishly studio worker, Fleming has recently released his forth JOOF compilation breaking into all the tops and naturally setting its place on the market. One that’s over-flooded with music, but one that will always welcome him and his works, as they are different, original and full of emotions.

We caught up with this living legend on the aforementioned compilation, his latest Ministry of Sound show (blimey, you shouldn’t have missed it!) and music in general.

Radio DEEA:  It’s not a secret anymore that there’s so much music out there. However, you’ve managed not only to reach Beatport’s TOP 3 all-genres section with your first three JOOF compilations, but also no.1 with your forth one. Congrats!

So, the natural question would be: what’s the key for achieving that? How do you keep your audience engaged and eager to buy/listen to your music time and time again?

John Fleming: “I’ve always been known as a DJ that moves forward musically and it seems that’s what people like about me as I’ll always keep things sounding fresh, especially at times when certain genres can get tired, predictable and generic, they can rely on me that I’m already two steps ahead.

“That’s why my albums are so popular as fans know they will be different and fresh.

Radio DEEA: At the beginning of this year you celebrated 20 years of JOOF at “THE” place to be – The Ministry of Sound. Could you tell us more about how it went? You had an open-to-close show there, so I’m guessing there’re a lot of juicy details.

John Fleming: “It was Ammmmaazziinggggg! I’m very fortunate that I’ve been playing at The Ministy of sound for many years, I think its any DJs ultimate goal to play in that main room and the best sound system in the world.

Add this to the fact I was playing an open to close set put me in DJ heaven, along with the fans in front of me whom reported the same back.

Radio DEEA: Since we are on this subject, “open-to-close” it’s a show concept that is catching more and more the people’s attention. Do you find it hard to keep the people there, with you, on their tenterhooks for over 6 hours of playing music?

John Fleming: “That’s my fear, the term OTC has become a fad amongst others because they see other ‘cool’ DJ’s playing these set, so they want to do the same. It’s a marketing thing for them. For us authentic DJs, we‘ve spent out whole careers crate digging and have hours worth of music, we want to play longer sets so that we can play all this music we’ve found and express ourselves musically.

“I hope this term doesn’t get watered down.

Radio DEEA: Your latest JOOF compilation, contains the works of well-established artists, but also the ones of rising producers. How did you decide on choosing them? Or better yet, what do you search for in a track when choosing it to be on your next compilation? Is there a particular sound, the composition of it, or the feeling that you get?

John Fleming: “The album is a snapshot of where I am musically, and what music and artists I’ve been supporting over the past few months, this is how the mix and tracks are chosen. It’s a simple as that, with no over thinking of what or whom to include. If the tracks have been rocking dance floors, then they earn their place on this album.

Radio DEEA: “JOOF Editions 4” is an explosion of vibrating sounds with a deep connection to what music stands and I remember reading that you want to continue with this progressive and distinctive sound for all your future compilations. Is this more close to your style, or is there another reason behind it?

John Fleming: “Progressive music has always been at the core root of my sound, though today people seem to think its an actual genre. Progressive is a description of something that progressively gets from point A to point B. It’s a feeling, a vibe, that’s no rushed.

“Many also presume its slow music, Progressive can apply to any music, Rock, Metal and the more deep driving Progressive electronic music I like.

Radio DEEA: You once said that this is “the most exciting of times” for exploring and producing music. Could you expand a bit more this?

John Fleming: “Many people say they miss record stores, but looking back they were quite limited due to them only being able to stock music bought by the owners personal taste. Today we can discover anything and everything with the click of a mouse. It can be quite time consuming, but very very rewarding. I find amazing new music and artists on a daily basis.

Radio DEEA: How happy are you with the way “JOOF Editions 4” was received by the public and what are your future plans for this summer? Any festivals or events that you are really looking forward to being part of?

John Fleming: “I’m super happy and very proud. Festival season starts and already looking a manic season ahead, especially EDC, OZORA and BOOM festivals.


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