Guest In-Groove Kitchen & Elle Cee Present’s Soulful Sunday Session’s w/Toto Chiavetta & DJ feline

Toto pic Toto Chiavetta is a Sicilian-born music producer and dj.
He loves mixing down any type of sound as it represents a way to release emotions and state of mind otherwise,most of the time,unbearable.
Toto is a music collector and begins the journey into production at the age of fourteen.
From 2008 he runs a record label,Vialocalin collaboration with he partner and long term friend DjL.
He produces under the name of Toto Chiavetta,Vialocal and the Sicilian Crew (with the musician Giuseppe Alberghina).

He Has produced music for AtJazz Records,Yoruba,Inhouse,Irma,Think House Music,Bassline and Vialocal Recordings.

Toto prefers not to be categorized under a particular genre of music as the constant flux of life surely reflects into his music.

Dean Bell
After picking up a pair of drumsticks from the tender age of twelve it wasn't long before catching the bug and love for creating music enhancing that inner beat.Various success in his late teens and a chance meeting with a nightclub promoter Dean started working for 'Danza' promotions in the northwest of England. Soon becoming hooked on the modern techniques of the disk jockey; studying live the likes of Paul Oakenfold,Nicki Holloway and Mike Pickering,developing his own style of mixing.With residencies at 'Exit' & 'Federation',Denim bar London' and guest spots at the legendary 'Manchester hacienda' Working alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Felix the house cat, Sasha to name a few.It wasn't long before discovering the art of sequencing,production and development of music learning modern day production. With various collaborations under his belt,projects that include; - 'Zee' project w, Sy Sez and Ziggy Funk - 'Bell-Pari' - 'Bon' - 'Vicmari project' - 'Dobrikan Alin - Kymatik - JP,LnP' - Der Barfuss - NGFY Artist Representative for Shaboom and Edit records and founder of Sunday Social U.K. Joining the teams at 'Radio Deea' in Bucharest Romania in 2010,launching his Groove Kitchen and Kuua recordings working on production with Artists from the US, UK, SF & Europe, Residencies in Bucharest Shearing the love of underground house music with the most charismatic party capital of europe the passion never folds!!!


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