Flash interview: ATB


When it comes to André Tanneberger (ATB) words pale. The man has been in the music industry for more than 20 years, has released no less than 10 albums (and thinking of the next one), has graced the biggest and most important stages in the world with his electric presence and has become a genuine icon and a constant inspiration for musicians all around the world.

Gifted producer and songwriter, ATB has managed to create and retain his own special and unique sound over the years and has never estranged himself from creating music from the heart. A pioneer of his genre, and an influencer nevertheless, Andre is nothing like the classical DJ, the legend practically flooding the stage with pure energy and singing his tracks along with the crowd on numerous occasions.

We had the chance to catch up with the artist for a brief interview and tried to find out more about his current album, future plans, but also about his ongoing legacy.

Radio DEEA: When someone hears an ATB track, he knows it’s an ATB track. How did you manage to create such a distinctive sound? 

ATB: “When I’m sitting in the studio with my keyboard or my guitar, ideas simply come into my head and I record them there and then. I combine the melodies with typical ATB sounds. I create the music I love. And at the end of the day, it somehow sounds like me.”

Radio DEEA: More than 20 years of activity and ATB is still here. When you look back, would you change something? Or are you happy how things developed?

ATB: “I’m really happy with how things have developed, I have seen trance music build and build, I was right there when EDM took over, so many exciting times really! Yet here I am, still making ATB music and still loving going out on the road to play for the ATB family all over the world! So I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Radio DEEA: As a DJ you put on such a tremendous show on stage. Where is that energy coming from?

ATB: “The fans give me so much energy, I’m very grateful for that. There’s so much interaction between the crowd and me on stage. But it’s also the fact that I like to spend time in the studio to make music… and to write a whole album takes a lot of time!”

“So even if I love being in the studio, it’s a great feeling to get back outside in the real world and get that interaction with the crowds at clubs and festivals.

Radio DEEA: You’ve just launched a new album (neXt). Could you tell us the story behind it?

ATB: “It is my tenth studio album, hence the X in the name, the Roman numeral for ten. It took a little longer to make than some of my previous albums, but I hope the wait has been worth it! It features a great range of collaborations again, which is important to me.”

“The sound is very much ATB, but bringing in different artists creates something new and refreshing as well.”

Radio DEEA: You’ve had many great collabs through the years. Is there someone in the business that you want to collab with but you haven’t yet?

ATB: “There’s no particular artist who comes immediately to mind. I’m always listening out for unusual or distinctive voices.”

Radio DEEA: Do you have a favorite album (out of your 10 albums)? Or better to say, an album that is closer to your heart for a particular reason?

ATB: “I’m the kind of guy who prefers to look forward rather than into the past. Every album means something special to me when it is released and that’s never changed. I’m already thinking about my next album and I have started to have a few ideas for that one.”


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