Flash Interview: Alexander Popov

It’s been less over a month since Alexander Popov released “Intention”, his second album that hides more than the eye (or in our case ears) can see (or hear). So, we decided to catch up with the Russian DJ & producer and find out more in a flash interview.

Radio DEEA: Your new album “Intention” has already landed on the market. How was the reception so far? Are you pleased with the results?

Alexander Popov: “I’ve got a lot of positive feedbacks from the fans and listeners that’s the most important thing for me, singles from the album getting good support from top DJs so I’m pretty happy with the result.”

Radio DEEA: Any plans on promoting the new album, like a tour, or something similar?

Alexander Popov: “We made presentation on ASOT in the studio with Armin Van Buuren and Ruben De Ronde, special mixes on Andrew Rayel’s radio show and on top Russian radio-stations like Radio Record, and we now looking for a tour on 2019.”


Radio DEEA: We know that the inspiration upon „Intention” was based, comes from a very special and profound place – the human notion of intention – Can you tell us more about this? Your interest in reading mindfulness and philosophic books is a well-known fact.

Alexander Popov: “First time the concept of intention I found from the books by Vadim Zeland, he is Russian thinker and writer with own system called Transerfing, I’m imbued with ideas from this concept and it gave me the answers for a lot of my questions about life and humans and what is the most important it gave me a huge inspiration.”

Radio DEEA: How long did it take to put the album together and how did you find the time to do so many collabs?

Alexander Popov:It took me around 10 month. We decided to release the album in 2018 with Armada on ADE 2017 and almost whole year I worked on it. I’m usually looking for a good collaborations and there was a couple ideas which I felt suit well for the album anyway it’s always fun to work together!”

Radio DEEA: Can you share with us some insights on the track you have with Armin van Buuren, “Popcorn”? Sounds yummy 😊

Alexander Popov: “As about the name of this track it’s a very popular question and better to ask Armin 🙂 For me it was a big pleasure to work with maestro as he is one of the guys on the scene who was the reason for me to fall in love with trance music and start dj/producer career.”

Radio DEEA: Is there a collab on your album, one that you wanted to make a reality for some time now? And if so, with whom?

Alexander Popov: “I would love to work with a full symphonic orchestra and I hope to do that one day.”

Radio DEEA: Can you tell us something about the cover of your album, but also if you have experimented more on it? From a strictly musical perspective. Have you tried different sounds maybe, different ways of creating the actual melody?

Alexander Popov: “Music production is always experience and challenge for me I’m trying to find the right melody and interesting new sounds and in general I think I managed it on this album. As about the artwork I’ve got it from Armada team and we all loved it. I think it’s really nice and clean and it’s reflects the idea of the album title.”

Radio DEEA: Last year you launched your own label “Interplay”. How are things on this side? Any new artists or singles that we should be looking forward to?

Alexander Popov: “For the next year we already signed a lot of really cool tracks from upcoming guys and from well known names, I’m also have already something new from my side so I’m really excited to share all this new music with the world!”


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