Sundancer releases progressive trance tune “Rainbow”

It’s been a while since Radio DEEA’s resident DJ, Sundancer has hit the charts with a solo track (the last one being “The Sound of Happiness“, released at BlueSoho Recordings), so it was about time for a new milestone.

On Friday 17th, “Rainbow” hit the online music stores, a genuine progressive trance tune filled with positive vibes and that dancing virus that makes you long for the time when we could hit the dance floor in a jiffy, staying all night long and enjoying the music with our friends side by side.

I am actually very excited about my first progressive trance track which I produced thinking about the summer party nights. It has a nice and warm melody and carries that classical sound, which I hope everyone will enjoy.

The track has found its well-deserved place on Beatport’s Hype chart, but like any rainbow colouring across the sky, it wants to thrill you with that after-the-rain feeling of fascination, lightness and happiness, so be sure to welcome it into your own musical universe.

Sundancer’s “Rainbow” is OUT NOW on the musical sky of Beatport (and other online musical platforms, of course), through Interflow Records.


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