Sundancer has discovered “The Sound of Happiness”


Happiness [noun] – the feeling of being happy. Simple as that, according to the Cambridge dictionary.

However, when you listen to the newest track coming from Sundancer The Sound of Happiness” and released at Blue Soho Recordings, you realise that it’s so much more complex, as the line of sound transports you through various states of happiness.

The intro of the song creates the perfect ground on which the entire melody is beginning to grow. Just as in real life, because for everything you want to create you need a solid foundation. It’s a hint on what will happen at some point in the future.

Then, the evolutionary state kicks in, bringing us into a very Vangelis trance, dreamy and fulfilling, the “cocoon” phase where everything is safe, only to wake us up and give us the real taste of what happiness is all about.

On a roller-coaster of positive emotions, “The Sound of Happiness” is built to be discovered step by step, piece by piece, as only by doing so, we can truly enjoy it (even by yelling from the top of your lungs – which is something that actually happens in the song, so we dare you to find it) and be grateful for it.

“ <<The Sound of Happiness>> is about emotions. All those feelings you have when you experience true & unflinching happiness. The melody is from my heart for your hearts and for me is the time when I knew my happiness began. Pure emotions on the break marching & releasing their powers onto the drop. I feel so happy when I listen to it and hope you share the same feelings as I do when you listen to it.” added Sundancer.

In a world that sings and cries about despair, depression, heartache, loneliness and sadness, it feels a bit bold to just be happy. This track tries just that, to give you a nudge into being happy, because happiness is not something that happens to you, but something you create.  

The Sound of Happiness” is up for grabs from today here. Listen and let the happiness flow into your life!


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