Rise and SHINE … with Paul van Dyk

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an electronic music lover must grace Ibiza with his presence at least one time in his life.

The vibe of the “White Island” is definitely something that needs to be experienced electronic music lover, or not. However, for the sake of this article, let’s just say that the first group of people are in for an extra treat. You know … just because they like to party till down and are on an island that thrives on parties.

We were fortunate enough to land in Ibiza only a couple of weeks ago and even more fortunate to see the grand Paul van Dyk perform his SHINE Ibiza show at Eden Club.

What one must know is that everything, absolutely everything in Ibiza invites you to party: from the weather, the white sand or the smooth waves, to the tons of billboards that advertise the DJs’ shows, or the disco bus that will take you directly to the club you want to go, while playing some pretty catchy music to get you in the mood (just in case you weren’t already).

For us, everything started with something like two and a half hours of bad sleep, two flights and some “getting to know the island” walkies, on July 18th, only to save the best for last (that very night), aka. Paul van Dyk’ show. The fatigue had no place in our schedule (or so we liked to think).

Paul’ show was open by Saad Ayub, which we sadly missed due to … well, missing the bus, but we got the chance to see Alex Ryan perform, as well as Bryan Kearney.

Of course that we were waiting for la Pièce de résistance. And as always, the the legend did not disappoint his fans.

Smiling, all cheery and full of energy, Paul kept us entertained for almost two hours with some classics (For an Angel, Time Of Our Lives – feat. Vega 4 or Home feat. Johnny McDaid ), but also with his new stuff, from the recent “Music Rescues Me” album.

“In the name of the show” Filo & Peri ft. Eric Lumiere – Shine On (Activa Remix) was also on the list of songs included in his set.

The general vibe of the gig was a very positive and dancey one and it’s always nice when you see that people around you really enjoy the music and join in voices when they recognize a song. To all of this, add the fact that you are in Ibiza for f**k sake, and you can definitely see the matter from our perspective.

The show was closed by the very-tall Duchman Menno De Jong, so when one might have left the club, there was a huge chance to witness one of those breathtaking Ibizan- sunrises. That, if one still had energy for admiring nature and its wonders.

Some time ago, Paul van Dyk was remembering his two decades of Ibizan residence and analizying how it felt then and how it feels now.

Unfortunately we weren’t there, 20 years ago, but we were there now to witness “ a wholehearted attempt to get back to the fundamentals of what mattered. I don’t mean the 10am closures or building breakout hits, but reclaiming the essence of those early years.

And that attempt that Paul is talking about … well, that attempt is a living reality for every person that gets his/her share of SHINE.


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