The Captain’s log: Our 1st Amsterdam Dance Event

2017 is almost over but it’s fair to say it’s been quite an eventful year for all of us here at Radio DEEA. And although we can’t but say we loved every event that we’ve been part of, this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) really made its way to our hearts. Our musical hearts that is.

The event it’s totally different from whatever you might imagine it is and honest to God, words pale in front of describing the buzz that it creates high and low Amsterdam, without being something forced, something that stands out and it’s aggressive.

In fact, ADE is anything but aggressive, although the marketing team that stands behind the event, as the entire team of passionate people, have incorporated it so well into the city that it’s impossible to miss it. However, with 22 years of activity, it goes without saying that it’s an important part of history, so its enclosure into Amsterdam it’s quite natural.

For someone who’s been to a lot of festivals and believes this to be something resembling that, let us get the story straight from the very beginning: ADE IS NOT A MUSIC FESTIVAL! It is a festival in all its glory because it celebrates music and art, but it’s so much more than that.

In a world where technology is taking over every corner of our existence, music is no different and let’s be fair: music owns technology so much! So, yeah, you can say that ADE incorporates this element as well, because its conferences and workshops or those amazing studio sessions are just bursting out of technology.

We were fortunate enough to be part of this year’s ADE, so bare in mind the fact that whatever you will read in regard to this is probably extremely subjective, but we couldn’t care less! We have enjoyed our ADE experience so much, learnt so much and heard so much, that we are too damn happy to put the story in plain words.

It’s Amsterdam, baby!

Not an Amsterdam lover? Let me stop you right there! Why? The city is like no other city, it breathes energy and freedom through its every pore and, putting aside the bicycles that are something to get used to, the capital of the Netherlands is just pure bliss.

The people are just lovely, the pubs are wonderful, the coffee shops are … nice hehe (whaaat?) and if you have a sweet tooth, then you will most definitely find tons of sweet things to eat. Our luggage might have had the same weight as when we left the country, but our bodies …. not really! #HappyFatty

ADE is everywhere around this time of the year, but it’s so well incorporated that you just find it easy to blend with the culture and what’s happening at that moment. Actually, from the very first time you set foot on Netherlands ground you feel at home. You just feel welcomed!

Music is the answer

We all know that electronic music is HUGE in the Netherlands and when you get to be part of ADE, you realise why. Is not something that only the “crazy youth” is tasting and enjoying (as some might think and poorly judge), but something that everyone acknowledge to be part of their identity, culture and musical history.

This is actually big, because we all like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to music, yet so many of us lack musical culture. You won’t see that at ADE and you won’t see that with DJs that have dedicated most of their life to creating music.

They won’t talk about electronic music as being the ONLY music on earth and often you will hear them mention the influences, the fact that they were maybe rock fans before starting their careers as DJs, or that they experiment with classical music when creating something new.

This is what ADE is all about. Merging music. All kind of music. Music that is maybe unheard with music that is out there, underneath your noses. Music that is maybe forgotten with music that is commercial. We could easily say that it’s an homage brought to music as a whole.

Let’s talk (conferences & co)

Something for the ears and something for the brain. The conferences that are part of ADE bring the unspoken and usually overlooked side of music into the spotlight. What lies behind the creation of a track, behind presenting a tune, promoting an album, launching an artist and so on.

To this, ADE adds the workshops and the studio sessions where well-known DJs are playing their sets and trying to explain how they do it. Not just in a technical push-this-button-here kind of way, but in a very honest and straight forward way by explaining the creative process of mixing, adjusting and merging sounds with feelings.

Let’s talk (networking & co)

ADE is the perfect place to make friends, to meet new people, to sign deals, to get a glimpse of how the “stars do it”, to get a record deal, to sign a collab contract, or just to watch and listen how things happen in the music industry.

Whatever the case, it’s bloody awesome! Just imagine a hotel lobby full of people from the music industry, journalists, promoters and a few “what I am doing with my life?” type of people. All brought together. This can’t be anything else but pure opportunity knocking at your door.


Amsterdam Dance Event is something that should be experienced and probably talked about when you get around with people who have been there too. Everyone lives this kind of experience in his own way and this was ours.

The gigs, the locations, the stories, the people, the vibe, the energy, the talks, the speakers, the networking, the artists, the legends, the history, the city … all of these are key elements for ADE,  an event that stood the test of time and change.

There are definitely many more aspects to be talked about, but the bottom line it his: for everyone that works in the business, is a DJ, an artist, a journalist, a blogger, a music fan – this is the place to be. Because ADE will incorporate you in it from the very beginning so you just need to let yourself go with the flow and enjoy what the event is offering. You are down for quite some ride, my friend! 


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