[NEW MUSIC] Siskin – Adrenaline EP

Siskin’s been asking some big questions of late … However, they’ve always been rhetorical in nature! Last month ‘Are We Dreaming’s query had an autobiographical element to it, while the answer to this August’s ‘Can You Feel It’ is as foregone as conclusions get!   

Through the ‘Dopamine’, ‘Serotonin’ and ‘Adrenaline’ EPs, chemistry’s been at the heart of everything Sue McLaren and Suzanne Chesterton’s do … With the latter however, the duo have been subtly fine-tuning its sonic profile. ‘Adrenaline’s sound was teased on ‘Rest Of My Days’, became more floor-ward looking on last month’s ‘Are We Dreaming’ and, for its final part, upticks again on ‘Can You Feel It’.

From the evolution of its tempo to the throb of its bass; the fire of its snares and the warp of its synths & FX, the track speaks to the most clubbiest of clubfloors. That’s not to say that it lacks Siskin’s organic atmospherics though. Atop its production, the girls swirling vocals ghost the track’s midsection, endlessly adding to its beguiling haunt.    

More zing to its thing, you can feel ‘Adrenaline‘ take full effect today! Sue and Suzanne’s debut Siskin album will be released later in 2023.


01: Are We Dreaming
02: Can You Feel It
03: Let Go
04: Rest Of My Days


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