[NEW MUSIC]: XiJaro & Pitch – Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams lies at the heart all good recording artists’ ethos and XiJaro & Pitch have been pursuing theirs for a half-dozen years or more. Today, the Dutch/Belgium teaming of Anthony Reyers and Xander van Dommelen extol that very sentiment, first through ‘Chasing Dreams’ the single, and later in 2023, with an LP of the same name.

Having drawn props from the press for being amongst the earliest-of-early Twitch adopters, in March of 2020 they found themselves at the centre of dance music’s lockdown conversation. Since, they have continued to mount all the right types of sonic pressure, with releases on labels including Subculture, FSOE, Rielism, WAO138?!, AVA and others. All of which has brought them to the cusp of their first ASOT appearance, as XiJaro & Pitch step up to make their Jaarbeurs debut on March 4.

What any act needs in-hand for an event like that is an absolute slam-dunk of a tune. We’ll go out on a limb and say, with ‘Chasing Dreams’ … that’s precisely what they’ve got!

From its outset, the track is clearly cut from anthem cloth, deploying ripping snares, intuitively coursing & flowing melodies and plenty of Pitch’s pitch-bends to supply the zeal-appeal. In its midsection, it’s all about the strings, as Anthony & Xander build up an orchestral section that lifts… and lifts… and just keeps lifting!

Symphonics to swell your chest and all-round gear for your ear to cheer, this one’s coming in hot! ‘Chasing Dreams’, the single, releases today and is available through all good sales and streaming channels here. ‘Chasing Dreams’, the mix-compilation, hits later in the year!


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