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Video: Poate un turntable scufundat sa cante un vinyl?

intalatiePrimul sfat: nu incercati asa ceva acasa! Stim ca nu si-ar proba niciun DJ Technics-urile si vinylurile sub apa, dar nu stii de unde apare un “inteligent”.

Artistul Evan Holm a construit aceasta intalatie folosind alaturi de apa colorata cu o cerneala neagra, crengi si bucati de lemn acoperite de muschi. Din nefericire apa franeaza rotirea discului si muzica se aude cu un pitch down pronuntat. Si totusi, pentru ca este vorba de o forma de arta, ne place ideea folosirii unui vinyl scufundat in instalatia sa.

“There will be a time when all tracings of human culture will dissolve back into the soil under the slow crush of the unfolding universe. The pool, black and depthless, represents loss, represents mystery and represents the collective subconscious of the human race. By placing these records underneath the dark and obscure surface of the pool, I am enacting a small moment of remorse towards this loss. In the end however this is an optimistic sculpture, for just after that moment of submergence. Tone, melody and ultimately song is pulled back out of the pool, past the veil of the subconscious, out from under the crush of time, and back into a living and breathing realm. When I perform with this sculpture, I am honoring and celebrating all the musicians, all the artists that have helped to build our human culture.” (Evan Holm)

The making of Submerged Turntable

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