Transmission 2019 will take you to “Another Dimension”

On Saturday the 12th October 2019, a new edition of Transmission Festival is happening in one of the most modern multifunctional venues in Europe – the O2 arena in Prague – where the magic of electronic dance music will merge with a spectacular audio-visual show.

Take part in this year’s Transmission space odyssey. Close your eyes, leave everything behind and let yourself be carried away to the unknown. Imagine firing up the engines of a spaceship, floating in the air with no gravity, flying at the speed of light, exploring the mysteries of a black hole or warping spacetime! All of this you can experience on Saturday the 12th of October when Transmission Festival takes you on a journey into ‘Another Dimension’.

Transmission ‘Another Dimension’ will showcase an extraordinary amount of spectacular lasers, a beautiful light show with amazing special effects, and a massive Funktion One Vero sound system that will leave a strong impression and embrace your senses. You will reach new horizons with the best in dance music played by some of the world’s best DJs in a carefully selected line-up.

Line-up (alphabetical order): Blastoyz, Cosmic Gate, Darren Porter, Giuseppe Ottaviani pres. Live 2.0, Key 4050, MarLo, Ferry Cortsten pres. System F, Thomas Coastline and Vision Impossible.

Let yourself be carried away beyond the borders of the ordinary! Transmission Festival has become one of the most remarkable dance music events in the world, attracting every year thousands of fans from over 70 countries to the O2 arena in Prague to experience it.

Tickets are currently sold out but there might be a change for a limited amount of tickets from O2 arena club floor members to be re-released in sale in September. You can sign up for the ticket waiting list to still have the chance to experience the premiere of the brand new Transmission show.

To enjoy the night comfortably we suggest you to buy an e-locker with a pin code on-line, providing you enough storage and which is available during the whole night without limitations.

Age limit to join Transmission Festival is 18 years. 


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