Sundancer encourages you to “Live For Today”

What a better way to start the new year, than with a brand new trance track in the bag? We’ve all survived January, so we are guessing it was only fair to begin a new month not just with a fresh release signed by our resident DJ, Mister Sundancer, but also with one that bares a very meaningful and motivational title: “Live For Today“.

Breaking the surface of an overcrowded myriad of songs that are bombarding the charts on a daily basis, “Live For Today” catches your ears and soul from the very beginning through a very melodic and encouraging sound, throwing you from the cold and freezing Winter to a hopeful, bright and colorful Spring (we challenge you to notice the little birds’ tweets in the track) and pumping you with positive energy until the very last note.

Released through Premier League, the track is up for grabs here and because you all deserve a treat, the package also includes a very energetic remix signed by Terra V. – Sundancer’s “partner in trance crime” with whom he released the “Allureosphere” cracker at Pure Trance, but also “Universal Language” at Monster Tunes, back in 2020.

” ‘Live For Today’ is not the usual uplifter. The Extended Club Mix set at 134 BPM builds on a feelgood melody and sets the positive mood to enjoy every day as it comes, hence the title. We can all use some positive vibes currently, and Sundancer definitely provides them. Without the banging kicks, ‘Live For Today’ taps more into the feeling and emotion trance can often provide. The structure of the song isn’t a standard one either. This makes the track rather unique.”

“Terra V. gives the track a little more energy, creating more of a peaktime trancer. Positive vibes can be felt still throughout the remix, and after the breakdown, the track bursts into energetic euphoria. Another fine example of the high standard Terra V. manages to provide every time he releases a track.” – underlined Premier League.

What else is there to say, rather than enjoy the track and the remix and roll on the rest of the year, which we all are encouraged to take it in second by second, minute by minute and day by … day. Live in the moment! Cherish what you have and “Live For Today”!


  1. Sundancer – “Live For Today” Extended Club Mix
  2. Sundancer – “Live For Today” (Terra V. Extended Remix)


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