Subculture hits its 200th release with Joint Operations Centre triple-track EP

There’s a half dozen approaches that label supremo John O’Callaghan could’ve taken to befittingly trumpet Subculture’s double century release. If you were expecting him to crown it with some la-di-dah-chirpy, collab-heavy clubfloor roof-raiser though, you’re bang outta luck!

No, it is to his best-known (and near career-long) alias that this milestone honour has fallen. Applying his moodiest, most forceful filter to SUBC200’s proceedings, up from the trance depths rises Joint Operations Centre and along with it come three new techno-logical marvels.  

Getting off to a literally monstrous start, ‘Meraxes’ takes to air for a swoopingly relentless flame-thrower – and one that’s every bit the musical equivalent of its winged, fire-breathing G.O.T. namesake.

Perfectly balanced at the EP’s midpoint is the nuance-studded tech of ‘Mom I Don’t Feel Well’. Maintaining the tempo and propulsion of ‘Meraxes’, it brings cantering hi-hat percussion, portentous bass, correspondingly ominous Bolland-esque sub-riffs and the haunt of the hunting horn to its make-up.

Just in case the atmosphere of Subculture 200th wasn’t yet doomily delicious enough for you, John cues up the EP’s parting shot, ‘Moonlight’. Skipping percussives, reverb by the bucket and its deceptively chilled titular refrain all conspire to deliver its equilibrium-shaking closeout.

A storm’s blowing from out Ireland way and it’s reaching all shores today – Joint Operations Centre’s latest is available to stream and download here & now.


01: Joint Operations Centre – Meraxes

02: Joint Operations Centre – Mom I Don’t Feel Well

03: Joint Operations Centre – Moonlight


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